Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Actor Raghuvaran Dies

Popular South Indian film actor Raghuvaran died of cardiac arrest in Chennai at the age of 60.

Originally from Palakkad area of Kerala, Raghuvaran acted in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Hindi films in supporting roles like the doctor in Sivaji or as villain like the criminal gang leader in Bheema. His last film was the Tamil movie Sila Nerangalil.

Raghuvaran is survived by a son and his ex-wife actress Rohini.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ajith and Shalini have a daughter:

Ajith and Shalini celebrated the birth of their daughter on january 3rd.The daughter weighed 3.3 kgs and resembles Ajith.

The daughter has been named as Anuoshka after much pondering.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Riding on a wooden rollercoaster

A theme park in South Korea unveils a wooden rollercoaster with the world's largest drop.

South Korea's largest and tallest rollercoaster, 'T-express' which has been labelled as the most extreme ride in the country has opened for business.

Passengers screamed and giggled as they experienced the g-force and 77 degree plunge on the wooden construction.

36 passengers can ride on the rollercoaster that travels up to 104Km per hour.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Life is beautiful:

What are we earning for.

this is what actually happens in everyones life.In the beginning of our life,we die to finish high school,then die to earn,then die to get married,die to have children,die to make them big so that we can retire,then at the end of it all,we realise at the time of death that we hadnt lived life after all.

To earn money,we lose wealth and in the end to save our health we lose money.thats what life is all about. enjoy life and dont make money a priority....

Earning money:

Its time the weekend has arrived and you have a tough time planning for the things to celebrate at the weekend.All through the week you would have planned with your friends on what all to do on the weekend,like hanging out,chilling out in some beach,not to mention playing some match on the streets or perhaps on a ground.

But rather,the greatest problem that you always face besides the regular putting up of a schedule,is the money.generally you may find the money sufficient at the beginning of every month,but by the middle you have a tough time managing expenditures and time comes when you are left at the mercy of your mother or father to get some money to freak out.

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Dont you think its is a blessing in disguise.........

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

India ranked 4th in ODI rankings:

THe recent win against Australia has placed India on par with the New Zealand and both of them stand very close in the ICC rankings with 117 points with the New Zealand leading by just a few decimal points.

The same holds for the difference between the 1st and 2nd slots held respectively by Aussie and the Proteas.They differ by a few decimal points and in the ongoing series between Suth Africa and Bangladesh,if the South Africans manage to win with a clean sweep,it will put them ahead of the aussies in the ICC ranking and will replace Australia as the world no 1,a title they held for quite some time before the world cup.

If the South Africans lose a single game then Aussie will retain their current spot and will be leading by 2 points.

Sachin:Ranked No.1 in ICC ODI ranking

No Doubt that Sachin had,has and will capture many hearts with his awesome strokes and his game.

His latest performance in the Australian series and his exceptional century and a ninety in the most crucial games has moved him to the top spot in the ICC rankings.

Sachin is the number one ODI player according to the recently released ICC rankings.

Isn't that truly amazing and something which he truly deserves and achieving this even while he is not in his prime is truly incredible.

Indians emerge victorious:

Indians have finally crushed the world champions.The Indians have emerged victorious in the finals in both the games and have proved the world that the Australians are truly out of form.

The Indians who batted first had a very good start.The opening pair of Tendulkar and Uthappa gave a very good start and scored consistently,until a score of 90's.That was when the foundation began to rattle with Uthappas dismissal.

Yuvraj followed up and scored eloquently,but got dismissed in his 30's.Certainly a series he wouldn't like to remember as far as his batting goes.Next in line,Rohit sharma who scored a staggering and gentle 66 in the last game made way with just a few runs.All through,Sachin batted consistently and was at the peak of his form.It was his day,as had been the last ODI.Dhoni scored credibly,and the middle order played and the team somehow managed to settle with a score of 258.At a position with no loss of wickets when the team was in its 90s,the score of 300 itself seemed easily gettable.The frequent loss of wickets created panic,and they had to strain to get the score.

On the Australian side,the run getters had been Symonds,Hussey,Hayden,Hopes,who scored in 40s and 50s.Praveen Kumar had a succesful day as he Managed to scalp 4 wickets,and the low bounce of his deliveries no doubt,shattered the aussie line-up.

Finally,after an enticing game,Indians emerged victorious by 9 runs.The Aussies never let off the game and fought until the final over until they were all out.

Bracken was the man of the series and Praveen kumar the man of the match.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Can india emerge a winner:

Indians are one up in the series and it definitely gives them an edge in tomorrows game.

It definitely serves as a morale booster,and with the Indians winning the last game comfortably and with little masters amazing ton along with a truly memorable partnership with Rohit sharma,the Australians are definitely on their toes and no doubt have plans to win comfortably,by targetting on the aforementioned as their coveted wickets.

It is a test of nerves versus ability.The Australians in order to win will have to hold their nerves and the Indians would have to retain their wickets from losing at regular intervals.They'll have to build a solid start and have to build good partnerships,and their chances of winning mostly rests on a striking partnership.

A virtual Keyboard:

Everyone knows what a keyboard is.Right and Maybe the different types in it:Be it wireless,wired,usb et al.

Ever heard of a virtual keyboard.One which you can use.But the keys rarely exist physically.

You should be confused by now.Making it clear this is what a virtual keyboard is:there are NO KEYS.

You have a laser projector sort of a thing that projects a beam.

The beam creates a pattern similar to a keyboard with keys.All you have to do next is to start typing just like you would do in any other keyboard.As simple as that.

No wear and tear of keyboard,and further you dont need a place for the keyboard.All you have is the projector to project the beam.

And further it can be used for mobiles even.

truly amazing stuff!!!!